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One thinks India and instantly images come to your mind of an immense land, colorful and diverse, clamoring and filled with the smells of street food and the noise of honking horns, peaceful and serene above the clouds in the Himalayas, tea, colorful silks, hot weather, the Taj Mahal, exotic animals. This is a country for those who thrive on sensual overload, convoluted cosmologies and unfolding dramas of all kinds. Nothing about India is predictable, expect the unexpected. 

The glorious diversity of India equates to an amazing array of sacred sites, from Buddhist stupas to pristine Jain temples, countless monuments, abandoned cities, ancient ruins and battle scarred forts. There’s history in every inch of India. Travelers tend to have very strong opinions of India, either they can’t wait to leave or never want to. Whatever category you fall into, India will be exactly what you make it for yourself.