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Middle East and Holy Land Tours

The Middle East and Holy land have so many highlights it’s hard to know where one should begin. The atmospheric souk of Aleppo in the ancient city of Damascus might be a good place to start, with its beautiful mountain monastery of Mar Moussa and the stunning desert palace. For the more physically active, one must make time for a swim, or rather float, in the Dead Sea. snorkel over coral reefs of the Red Sea or ride a 4WD into the landscape of Wadi Rum.

And of course a visit to Israel is a must. It is the Promised Land of the Jews, a package of beaches and sun, the birthplace of Christ and much more. It’s a bustling, modern, noisy country. To understand it best, visit the modern, cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, dive the Red Sea or explore one the country’s many beautiful national parks.