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Galapagos Islands Vacations

The Archipelago of Galápagos is a rare world heritage site. Located on the equator about 600 miles off of the South American coast, it remains largely untouched and similar over millions of years. Plant and animal life has made its way over to the volcanic archipelago and evolved slowly into new forms, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Since the time of Charles Darwin’s voyage, its ecosystems have been a source of important information and inspiration to people throughout the world. A trip to the Galapagos offers travelers the experience of stepping back in time to an almost untouched part of Earth.

While you’re there, why not take a ship tour of the islands from the water, go snorkeling with the fish and turtles or just relax on the beautiful beaches? Many come to educate themselves at the Charles Darwin Research Station, one of the most prestigious conservation centers in the world. Or explore the underground tunnels, called the Lava Tubes, created by the same molten lava that created the islands. And who can forget the giant tortoises? One of the most relatable symbols of the Galapagos. However you choose to spend your time there, it is guaranteed to be memorable!